Tuesday’s Class and Other Info

Hi Folks,

It looks like about ten of you (out of 52 students total) are following our course blog. Go ahead and link your email up with this site as soon as possible, as this will allow for a much easier and timely flow of info from me to you.

Reminder: Assignment #1 is due Tuesday in hardcopy form. If you plan to draw from an online recipe (which I know that many of us do), or from a recipe in a printed work, create a works cited page to properly document that usage: MLA Recipe Citation (You’ll need to make minor adjustments to the format presented in this link to properly cite an online source.)

Recipe Formatting: Recipe Writing Cheat Sheet (Another link you might find helpful as you’re trying to type out the actual recipe)

In addition, I’ve posted my PPT from Thursday’s class in PDF form under the “Resources” tab on this site. I’ve also posted a master schedule for all the major assignments under the “Assignments” tab, so that you can plan your semester accordingly. Assignment #5 is particularly time-consuming (FYI).

Readings for Tuesday’s class:

  • Look over Assignment #2 sheet & rubric
  • Read “The Pleasures of Eating” in Food, p. 21-28 (we will discuss this in detail, so it will be pretty obvious if you haven’t read)
  • Choose and read one of the following essays from Food for Assignment #2 Summary: “Tasteless” p. 29-3, “The Culinary Seasons of My Childhood” 33-44, or “Day 1, Recipe 1” p. 45-62
  • Read Everything’s an Argument 442 (some useful information on summaries)
  • In addition, remember to bring one discussion questions for at least one of the assigned readings. 

 Course Policy Awareness Form: I’d also like you to bring a signed and printed copy of the course policy awareness form to class by next Thursday (you’ll find the link to the form below).

Course Policy Awareness Form Spring 2016

Do let me know if you have any questions–or if you’d like me to take a look at what you’ve written so far for Assignment #1!









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